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Lawsuit alleges FCA discriminated against African-American managers
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A former Fiat Chrysler manager who oversaw the automaker's work-force diversity efforts has filed a federal suit alleging that the automaker systematically discriminates against nonunion African-American supervisors.

The Batmobile runs the focus group gamut
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Black bow ties and bigger footprints: Chevy's 2018 Traverse and what people think
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Chevrolet's largest crossover, the Traverse, is slimming down and becoming more trucklike in appearance for 2018. Here's what people are saying about the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse.

2017 Nissan Titan Has Already Started Winning Awards
©:  Gear Heads

After a week of high demand testing, the 2017 Nissan Titan has come out on top for the Truck Trend team. The Japanese pickup has been awarded Pickup Truck of the Year over all others. The win for the Nissan puts it above Ford, Toyota, Honda, Ram, and GMC models that were also tested.

The Week Long Test Phase

In the span of just one week, the Truck Trends team put the test vehicles through their paces in many categories. Hauling and off roading as well as towing and fuel economy were on the schedule. The overall performance testing covered more than 1200 miles for each truck with the Titan rising to the top.

These tests are designed and performed by truck experts in real world environments. The results reflect the pickup experience in the real world, not just facility and flat ground assessments. The overall goal is to see which truck delivered the best experience for the cost of entry.

Great Early Interest for the 2017 Model

While it may not be taking down the always best selling F Series Ford trucks, the Titan has seen great interest so far. In December of 2016, the Nissan pickup was just shy of 4400 deliveries made to new customers. Year over year, this is about three times as many as were dropped off in December of 2015.

2016 overall was an even better year with an 80% rise in sales over the whole of 2015. This brought the Titan to almost 22,000 new models sold in 2016 which is a far cry from more than 800,000 in the F Series. While it still lags far behind Ford’s lead in the pickup market, it’s still an impressive climb up the ranks.

More Trim Levels and Options for 2017

Nissan is looking to further increase the presence of their Titan pickup so new trim levels are coming this year. The half ton has lined up with the ranks of XD Single and Crew Cabs as well as the King Cab option. This new choice comes with a 5.6L V8 turning out 390 horsepower to power the impressive truck.

Nissan’s response to winning the Truck Trend award is understandably positive. It reaffirms their dedication to bringing a high quality pickup to the North American market. There was also no shortage of respect given to the rest of the models that were put through the same testing. While they aren’t selling the most trucks in the country, they are making great strides and accepting praise graciously.

FCA Slammed With Twin Lawsuits While Waiting on EPA Investigation
©:  The Truth About Cars

The Environmental Protection Agency alleged last week Fiat Chrysler Automobiles had installed undisclosed emissions software in 104,000 of its diesel vehicles — issuing the company a notice of violation for its Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ram 1500. While the EPA continues its investigation into whether or not FCA will become the next Volkswagen, Canadian law firm Sotos LLP and America’s Heninger […]

The post FCA Slammed With Twin Lawsuits While Waiting on EPA Investigation appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

“Long Live Ram” Ad Campaign Kicks Off During NFL Playoffs
©:  Truck Trend Supersite

Spots Highlight Durability, Class-Exclusive Features

Chevrolet Introduces Life-Sized Lego Batmobile at Detroit Auto Show
©:  Super Street Online

A full-size, 17-foot Lego Batmobile is the result of a Chevrolet and Lego partnership for the upcoming "The Lego Batman Movie."

The Stylish Bentley Continental GT V8 S Gets Even Better With A ‘Black Edition’
©:  Gear Heads

Right off the top, we need to address the fact that the name seems like a misnomer. So many other vehicles that have received a Black Edition end up being painted just that, black from front to rear. Instead, the Continental GT gets touches of color and class that we’ve come to associate with Bentley.

Exterior Visual Changes

Instead of getting a glossy black paint scheme, the Black Edition uses the shade as a contrast instead of the main feature. The body color choices remain unchanged and accents are left as options for buyers. Four accent colors are available to pick from; these are St James Red and Hallmark Grey, Cyber Yellow as well as Beluga.

These are all available on both the convertible and fixed roof versions so every Bentley buyer’s tastes can be met. The body gets further changes in the form of a rear diffuser and side skirts, as well as a front splitter. All of these make the Continental GT more aerodynamic as well as giving it a slower appearance to all angles of its profile.

The wheels now come as seven spoke alloys measuring 21 inches, adding to the lower appearance. The lights on the Continental get a darker tint treatment for a more aggressive overall appearance. The choice between black and red for the brake calipers is also an option for buyers.

*Note: There are a limited number of images released by Bentley at the moment. The rest of the pictures below are from the Continental GT Speed Black Edition to give an idea of changes.

Interior Updates

Interior trim throughout the cabin will reflect the exterior trim color that was selected for the Continental GT’s body kit. The remainder of the interior remains unchanged with the exception of the seating update to GT Design Seats. This comes to the Black Edition from Mulliner, Bentley’s own internal customizing shop that specializes in making rare modifications.

Engine and Transmission

The Continental GT V8 S Black Edition has been specially retuned to offer more power and better response than before. Under the hood we see a 4L V8 that also gets a boost from a twin turbocharger system. This means that buyers will be faced with 520 horsepower and 502 pound feet of torque right out of the dealership.

The base transmission option is an eight speed automatic that moves through the gears smoothly. With this equipment, the car has a 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 192 miles per hour. The soft top convertible version of the car does have a minor power dip compared to the fixed roof version.

Prices and range of distribution have yet to be announced but we’re willing to wait for this sharp special edition. There’s an old saying that you can’t rush perfection and Bentley’s Black Edition Grand Touring car is pretty close. Comfort and style come together and bring us a high end vehicle we’d love to drive on a wide open road.

2018 Suzuki GSX-S750 and GSX-S750Z Official Pricing Announced
©:  Ultimate MotorCycling

2018 Suzuki GSX-S750 and GSX-S750Z Official Pricing Announced     Suzuki’s middle-weight street-fighter, the GSX-S750. will be returning in 2017 as an early 2018...

The post 2018 Suzuki GSX-S750 and GSX-S750Z Official Pricing Announced appeared first on Ultimate MotorCycling.

Nexen Tire celebra cerimônia de inauguração da Nexen Tire Japan Inc.
©:  WardsAuto - Automotive Industry News, Data and Statistics

SEUL, Coreia do Sul, 17 de janeiro de 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A Nexen Tire realizou uma cerimônia de inauguração de sua subsidiária Nexen Tire Japan Inc. -- uma joint venture com a Toyota Tsusho Corporation. Foto -...

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